The last few months have been very difficult on us all, not least those working in the education sector. It has become clear that the COVID-19 pandemic has already put a great strain on education and will more than likely greatly reduce the numbers of international students coming to the UK to study...

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Since the 2016 EU referendum there has been great uncertainty regarding the European education system. How will Brexit affect EU student numbers?
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Ci sono tanti modi per rispondere a questa domanda, questo perchè non ci può essere solo una motivazione per scegliere di fare questo tipo di esperienza...
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Dopo aver prenotato il tuo soggiorno a Londra e il biglietto aereo ti rimane solo più una cosa a cui pensare, ovvero alla valigia!!
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The best cheap eats in London 2019
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Here we give you ten exciting activities to do in London this July!
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Suggestions of accommodation for groups travelling to London
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It's hard to realise this but summer is in the air! In just a little over a week we will be welcoming June which brings loads of interesting events and activities across London. So if you are planning your visit to London, whether to study English, do a work placement or just visit as a tourist, thi...

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Here we give you ten things to do in London this month! Enjoy!
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Ideas of what to do in London this month
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Information about homestays and host families in general along with pros and cons of living with a host family.
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​ What to do in London this month & what's on in London
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A Guide to what opportunities you have when it comes to public transportation in London and more.
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Whether you are an expert or have just recently started hosting international students you are familiar with how great and rewarding it feels - here are reasons why!
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Homestay Accommodation in London: A popular Choice for Individuals and Groups.
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