Ideas of what to do in London this month
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Information about homestays and host families in general along with pros and cons of living with a host family.
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A Guide to what opportunities you have when it comes to public transportation in London and more.
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Whether you are an expert or have just recently started hosting international students you are familiar with how great and rewarding it feels - here are reasons why!
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Student accommodation in London: Is Homestay the best choice amongst others?
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Here are 4 (really) good reasons to choose a homestay and how choosing a homestay can help make the best out of your stay in London.
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Becoming a host can be very rewarding: besides the financial benefits, you get to meet guests from all over the world, learn about their cultures and make friends for life.
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We interviewed Patrick, a student from Denmark, who's just finished his homestay experience with one of our host families during his time in London!
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Host Family Stay has put together 10 apps, that will make moving to London easy!
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