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Host Family Stay Pricing


Host Family Stay Pricing
Additional Charges and Supplements

Seasonal Supplement - £15 per guest per week
Under 16 Supplement - £60 per guest per week

*Prices start at a rate provided, and may vary depending on factors like the condition of the property, room sizes, amenities and other guests preferences.

Host Family Stay Full Board
Host Family Stay Half-Board
Host Family Stay Self-catering
Host Family Stay Bed & Breakfast





Full Board


Half Board

Bed & Breakfast

With half board accommodation you can enjoy living in somebody’s home with breakfast and evening meal provided for you. Dinner is usually a cooked meal consisting of a main course of meat, fish, eggs, pasta, potatoes, rice and vegetables or salad.
A continental breakfast usually includes any combination of cereal and milk, toast, bread rolls or croissants with butter or jam, tea and coffee. The host might not always be around for breakfast but will let you know to help yourself with the food.

Guests living on a full board basis will have breakfast, packed lunch and dinner included in their homestay. Usually, lunch will be packed in the morning for you to pick up when you leave for your class or place of work.

Self catering stay means living independently. You will have access to the kitchen and other appliances, buy your own food and cook your own meals. The host will show you the space in the fridge & cupboard to store your groceries.